Information provided in this article was collected during a recent Hair Society discussion panel. These hair experts are located in many regions of the United States. Representatives from Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas.

Stress and Anxiety

Hair clinics everywhere are struggling to meet the demand for hair commodities. With delivery delays stretching back for months, salons are wondering what they have to offer. If there’s no hair to apply, what else can clients expect from us? The Hair Society discussion panel all agreed this is an awkward situation for our industry. Hair system clients cannot obtain new units as frequently, and we’ve exhausted all possible alternatives. This is our reality, and salon needs do not stop there. This article hopes to offer solutions to fight pandemic exhaustion and keep businesses afloat amid the continuous changes. Salon owners across the United States are implementing these valuable business techniques. These tips could be the edge your team needs to remain resilient for years to come.

As a salon owner, you’ve most likely found yourself overwhelmed with the endless workload. The pandemic’s added pressures take their toll, and we must put an end to the reoccurring stressors. Many smaller hair operations challenge the owner to wear multiple hats to function. Just like you can not pour from an empty cup, leaders can not lead when pulled in so many directions. If you feel overwhelmed, try dividing shop chores among your team and assess the need for part-time help. Could a new team member help you achieve healthier relationships with clients and vendors? A new hire might give you time to focus on larger concerns around the workplace.

One salon owner sought out help from a hair program student. Utilizing this student as front desk help was only the first step. The goal is to cross-train until you’ve constructed a flexible and efficient team that can satisfy various salon demands. With the right candidate, an entry-level position is a win-win situation for everyone. A novice hair professional can gain insight into the world of hair as your business becomes more successful in its daily functions.

Help with Salon

Now that you have delegated specific tasks to your team, you can then make critical vendor communications, launch training sessions, or focus on marketing. It would help if you addressed any areas in your routine that are being overworked. What is taking most of your energy, and how can you alleviate some of that stress? There are instances where we all need to say, “No.”. Saying “no” can limit time spent behind the chair or working after hours. It may even be a pause to new client undertakings. Whatever it is for your hair operation, remember to get support when you need it. You are only one person. You’ll find the weight doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders day in and day out if you invest in your team.

When we say invest in your team, we want you to build them up. Make time to train new skills or coach a team member through an existing technique. The ever-changing hair industry pushes us towards versatility and being able to offer more to our clients. Let’s be sure our teams are ready to succeed and adapt! A team that provides a multitude of services could be another way your salon maintains revenue. Salons are expanding their services beyond regular coloring and haircuts with microblading, barbering, waxing, and selling retail. Some hair clinics are breaking ground through the specialization of trichology. Once certified, your team can launch a proactive approach to hair growth that applies to a wide range of hair loss situations.

Trichology Training

Through trichology training, you can monitor the progressive nature of scalp conditions instead of attempting to resolve balding years into the making. We are looking at the scalp and the hair follicle. There are many advances in scalp knowledge and treatments that can better assist our client’s needs. It is all about watching over the scalp diligently. Offering trichology enables salons to serve clients, both new and old. That said, we are starting to see younger clients coming in to stop hair loss sooner rather than later. Many times hair loss can be reversed if caught in the early stages. If there is a way to retain existing hair or promote regrowth, you can bet our salons are working hard to find new solutions. Covid might have put a wrench in our familiar routines, but the demand for hair care is not fading away.

Stay Hopeful - This Too Shall Pass

Even before the pandemic, the definition of “beauty” was becoming more global, expansive, and intertwined with individuals’ sense of well-being. The COVID-19 crisis is not likely to change these trends—and in that, there is reason for hope.” (Gerstell et al.)

We must remember there still is hope for our industry. People will continue to benefit from our services, and we get to be the supportive force making it happen. We must try to be flexible and invest in the future. Create a team of individuals who can adapt and grow as we go. Most importantly, say no to overcommitting yourself and never be ashamed to delegate the workload.

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