CapiliaAre you tired of searching for quality hair products? It can be exhausting scanning through ingredient lists
and asking for recommendations from others. You want modern haircare that works! Capilia products are backed by experts and are held to the highest quality standards.    Designed with you in mind, they make haircare easy. Capilia products are not only tailored to provide optimal hair health, but they also combat hair thinning ailments such as psoriasis, oily scalps, eczema, and accelerated aging factors. By choosing these natural shampoos, conditioners, and serums, you can avoid harmful ingredients that damage the health of your scalp. 

Gentle Cleansing

Capilia understands the importance of cleansing the scalp without stripping away healthy oils.

Whether you’re battling dried-out locks or are suffering from various scalp ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, excessive oils, or dandruff, there’s an option for your head of hair.

Your naturally occurring sebum, or scalp oils, are essential in moisturizing and protecting the skin barrier from contaminants like pollen, dust, and chemical pollutants. Research has shown that using strong detergents, like sulfates, does more harm than good. Capilia’s products are sulfate-free! Although sulfates provide a bubbly wash we are all accustomed to, they are too harsh to maintain a healthy scalp. So even if you don’t have any day-to-day skin sensitivities, you are damaging the body’s natural scalp protection. Capilia products have the same rich lather you’d expect from your drugstore brand haircare, yet only contain gentle cleansing plant-based ingredients.

Free of Harmful Additives 

Capilia ingredients are easy to recognize. The products are free of synthetic additives like silicones and parabens, as well as being free of glue-like additives such as mineral oil.

Familiar mineral oils like petroleum and paraffin wax are used as a lubricant in many over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners. Over time, research suggests mineral oils create buildup on the scalp and hair strands. Buildup can cause irregular oil production, scalp irritation, hair loss, and follicle inflammation.

Silicone and parabens have various unfamiliar names, so hair companies need to label their products clearly. Capilia has done just that! Products without silicone and parabens reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and irritation if you have a sensitive scalp. No need to worry! Capilia has tailored every product for you.

Silicone substances can clog pores disrupting follicle growth and health. Your scalp and hair follicles require adequate blood flow, moisture, and nutrients to continue the cycle of healthy growth. Many don’t stop to realize the level of care and preservation a healthy head of hair needs. Like your teeth, your hair requires proper hygiene and maintenance to keep you looking your best.

Convenient drugstore products are made to last on a shelf. Parabens have been added to haircare to preserve the shelf-life of each product from bacteria and fungus. Through decades of research, experts found that parabens and other preservatives have been linked to hair loss and toxicity. So although paraben products were once conveniently accessible as a one-size-fits-most option, they are now being refuted by hair professionals. We have decades of research that reveal the effects of using harmful haircare ingredients. The professionals behind Capilia are dedicated to providing effective hair products with ingredients proven to be safe.

Times Are Changing

CapiliaAging affects us all, and we’d be silly to ignore the cycles of life and warning signs of poor health. Your hair quality is one of the skin’s first indicators of a change in health. Skin is considered our largest living organ and its cells can be altered or degenerate for various reasons. Sometimes that change is simply a brief loss of hair from stress, hormones evolving, or the postpartum hair released from pregnancy. Other times, there may be a more alarming condition at play resulting in hair thinning or scalp damage.

Capilia consultants are trained to identify scalp conditions and support clients while treating their concerns. Our haircare products should stay up-to-date with the hair insights we have now. Capilia is a research-based company that promotes the latest scalp health knowledge to benefit its clients. Whether you’re suffering from a hair loss condition or hoping to prevent future scalp concerns, their products are the perfect haircare option for everyone.

If the goal is a healthy head of hair, look no further than Capilia products. These products are gentle, free of harmful substances, and proven to give your scalp what it needs to thrive. Not only does this company focus on hair loss treatment, but hair loss prevention. Try out these personalized hair products that are transparently natural and worthwhile. Talk to a Capilia consultant today!