The billion-dollar beauty industry is still pushing through covid reopenings & precautions. Although beauty still seems to be at the height of our culture, salons and spas everywhere are still a little uneasy about their industry’s future. One attention-getter we can not deny is the upper facial structure above our masks. Continued mask-wearing has kept the eyes and eyebrows at the forefront of our appearances. Eyebrows, in particular, are still prominent features people want to accentuate. If your salon or hair clinic isn’t addressing the brows, we hope this article gives you a little insight into the need and ease of eyebrow- beautifying applications your business can offer.

First off, eyebrows come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Once thought to aid in protection from debris falling into the eyes, eyebrows in today’s world are more of a foundation of facial expression and beauty than ever before. We’ve all seen the dramatic effects of brows through the decades. They have been worn in almost every fashion, from shaved, thin, unkempt, drawn on, powdered, etc. There’s really no end to the applied control we seek when it comes to the brow, but the science behind the eyebrow hairs goes deeper than a trend.

Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eye Brow Hair LossIf you’re experiencing hair loss on the top of your head, you may also be noticing a thinning of eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow follicles can be affected by medical conditions, stress, and diet similar to the hairs on your scalp. For chemo patients, the use of medications can pose temporary hair loss effects. Cancer is already stressful enough, and the effects of hair loss on the scalp and face can be very discouraging to patients.

Even if a specific health condition isn’t the cause of frustrating hair loss, the aging process itself slows the follicle growth rate of eyebrow hairs. The hair follicles that grow along the brow are alive and shedding, but the growth rate is much slower. Eyebrow hairs grow at the slowest rate of all the hair found on the body at about 0.14mm – 0.16mm per day, making regrowth a lengthy process.

These follicles are also susceptible to damage from the stress of overplucking or habitual root removal. Repeated pulling of the hairs can lead to follicle death. A healthy follicle is always replenishing & new hairs will grow back, but the cycle ends once it is damaged to the point of follicle death. In this case, brow hair loss is not reversible, and semi-permanent brow correction or daily makeup application could be the solution.

Eyebrow Gel, Trimming, & Hair Removal

Eye Brow Gels, and RemoversLet’s start with the easiest eyebrow styling options. If hair removal or hair filler is not desired, simply applying brow styling gel and brushing can be effective in shaping wild brows. Sometimes the hairs need to lay in a different direction or be trimmed to imply a well-groomed look. So if your client is looking to match the groomed appearance achieved with a haircut and has eyebrow hair to work with, the beauty solution can be simple with professional guidance.

Achieving a polished look can also involve hair removal. Waxing, tweezing, and threading are all familiar methods of eyebrow hair removal. Some brows may need trimming or waxed more than others. But it is worth noting that removing small hairs around the eyebrows can help articulate clean precision when done alongside eyebrow filling techniques.

Filling the Brow

Eye Brow FillersWhen creating a fuller brow, there are several temporary or semi-permanent options for clients. A temporary fix using powder or a brow pencil can help clients achieve full brows at home. This will take daily application, so it may not be the best option for everyone but could still be a valid talking point between a hair professional & the client.

One thing all hair professionals can agree on is color choice matters! Be sure to choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than the natural brow color. This will create a softer transition between the hairs and spaces where the skin is exposed. The look will be harsh if the filler color selection is too dark. Using a color that matches the highlight color of the brow can be a subtle way to achieve fullness without sacrificing a natural look.

Semi-permanent brow filling options include microblading, micropigmentation, and tattooing. Again, the color of the added pigment matters and even more so with these techniques due to their under-the-skin healing process. Some clients may desire these options over a daily makeup routine, but sadly it might not be the best fit for everyone. Oily skin types and those with inflammatory conditions may experience excessive color fading or irritation from these applications. It is important to have a thorough consultation with each individual before deciding to attempt these semi-permanent solutions.

Eye Brow Micro PigmentationJust like the “semi-permanent” name implies, microblading, micropigmentation, and tattooing are not lifetime guaranteed. These techniques are effective for months or years, but we must remember the skin is constantly regenerating. Our skin has many layers and undergoes various processes of regrowth. These semi-permanent methods only penetrate the top layers of the skin. As time passes, everyone’s skin experiences shedding. Factors such as sun exposure, routine facial washing & the amount of oil produced on the face can affect the added pigment’s fresh look. Normal upkeep will involve additional microblading or pigmentation in the future. This maintenance may fluctuate for each individual, but 6-12 months is about the average amount of time needed between a repeat micro blading session.

The semi-permanent methods can be the right fit for clients with sparse eyebrow hairs, and the application is relatively painless when done by a trained expert. There is a healing process in the first few weeks, and as a hair care professional, this should be thoroughly explained before a decision is made. Understand your clients and educate them on the process fully. A client can benefit from these options in the long run, and it is worth discussing the pros of micro pigmentation, micro blading, and tattooing.


Eye Brow SymmetryRegardless of the client’s chosen eyebrow solution, remember symmetry is essential. Each person’s facial symmetry is unique, and each client should be given individualized treatment. The face is made up of proportions, and there are tools you can use to line up facial features. Parts of the eyebrow include the beginning of the brow called the inner corner or head, followed by the body, arch, and tail. When trying to place an arch or find the eyebrow’s perfect starting point, hair professionals will use a straight-edged tool or eyebrow mapping string. This will align parts of the brow with the nose, eyes, and the opposing brow.

The beauty trends may change, but one thing is for sure brows are here to stay. They are a key facial feature, and they make a statement even when wearing a mask. If your salon or spa can offer brow styling options, you’re likely to address a client’s hair loss concerns as a whole. Remember to understand the client’s hair goals and educate them on the various brow beautifying routes they can take. Utilize the right tools and training to give your clients peace-of-mind when styling his or her brows. There is an artistry behind sculpting the perfect brow, but with brow hair knowledge, you can make various clients happier with their groomed look.

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