Some forms of hair loss are subtle and happen over time. Some are instantaneous and expected. No matter how this process occurs there are many emotions that come with it. Both men and women suffer from hair loss and the emotional impact is no less for men and/or women. There is the fact that you won’t look the same and that you may lose the one thing that made you feel physically beautiful…a full head of lovely hair. If the cause of the hair loss is disease or harsh treatments to try and cure a disease there is also the fear associated with having that disease. No matter the cause; hair loss is traumatic.

Hair Loss and the fear of going public

One of the biggest fears that I have come across when speaking to people who have lost all or some of their hair is going out in public. How will the public react? Will people stare? What type of head covering should be used to disguise a bald head? So many questions and so much apprehension comes with sudden hair loss. Some people shave their heads prior to having chemotherapy or radiation to avoid gradual shedding and some wear turbans or scrafs. Some wear hats and some just don’t go out at all.

Can you imagine how you would feel leaving your home for the first time after losing all of your hair and facing people? Some of the people I spoke to when researching this article simply became hermits and refused to go out at all.

Before they realized that there are many methods of hair restoration available to them they are hit with the fear, embarrassment and loss of self esteem that comes with going bald. Many Cancer patients will be told about the various methods for restoring hair and some will choose to buy wigs and other types of hair pieces as a temporary measure until their own hair grows back. In some cases they have lost their hair permanently and need to investigate other methods of hair restoration both surgical and non-surgical.

Fortunately for all of us there have been many advances in hair restoration and no one has to be permanently bald or walk around with thinning, sparse hair. One of the advantages of belonging to this website is the ability to learn about both tried and true and the latest advances in hair restoration. There is no need to live with the fear that comes with hair loss anymore. There is ample opportunity for everyone to gain enough knowledge to find a solution to whatever problem plagues you when it comes to your particular form of hair matter the reason.

Educate yourselves and read all about the latest hair systems. This is the perfect place to begin your journey and end your fear.