Hair Loss Statistics
Did you know that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss? Beginning at age 35 with a 40% loss rate for men and growing to a 70% loss rate for men age 80, the majority of the world-wide population will lose more hair than they ever dreamed of and they will need professional services to help them restore their hair. By age 60, women hair loss sufferers will be in the 80% range.

Many people are unaware of the many services, treatments and hair systems available to them so awareness is key in the hair loss treatment business, Many hair loss specialists offer free evaluations so that people can come in to be not only educated but made aware of the options available to them. Incentives are always a good idea because many folks are afraid that the cost of restoring their hair will be far more then they can afford.

Whether it be via medication, scalp treatments, laser hair therapy, surgical or non-surgical procedures, there is something for everyone. The future looks bright where hair restoration is concerned and all that’s necessary is making the public aware and letting them know that they can benefit from these services without breaking the bank. Although I’ve read that 47% of people with hair loss would spend their life savings on restoring a full head of hair, that is not necessary in this day and age of many options, reasonable prices and financing.

The statistics are high and the options many so use your resources to inform the public and let them know that they too can once again have a full head of beautiful, lasting hair. I was greatly encouraged by reading about the many professional services available and the dedicated hair restoration professionals who have entered this profession. Research and constant improvement to known treatments as well as brand new systems seem to appear often.

Where there is hope…there is hair; all you have to do is look for it. Whether you need a little or a lot.