Hair SalonAs a hair stylist, it is extremely important to know as much as you possibly can about hair, and the scalp. The health of your hair is directly correlated to the health of your scalp, it is literally the root of it, pun intended. Hair stylists are constantly going to seminars and classes to improve their skills in coloring, and cutting hair, as they should continue doing this, it would be beneficial to start learning more about trichology. Which is the study of the hair and scalp.

psoriasisThere is so much research that can be done on this topic, and it is a key topic to know and understand, to take your work to the next level. As previously stated, the health of your scalp is directly related to how your hair grows, and how healthy it is. Everyone that sits in your salon chair, wants a healthy head of hair, and to keep that healthy head of hair, is looking to you for the proper guidance to achieve that. There are multiple scalp conditions that can indicate hair loss. For example, folliculitis, is caused by bacteria or fungi on the scalp, that causes an inflammation of hair follicles, which can also cause temporary hair loss. Another example would be psoriasis, which is a dry skin condition that causes itchiness, with too much scratching or picking, it can also cause hair loss. With the added stress and anxiety that comes with psoriasis, your client will benefit from you offering a treatment plan that contributes to their overall health and well-being. 

It is so important, as hairstylists you are closest to your clients’ scalps, and know how to see and give advice to these different issues. You may not be able to remedy it yourself, but you can at least create a treatment plan that begins to treat these issues at the source. So where do you learn about this? In addition to doing your own research, The Hair Society has great resources to teach you about these important issues, they offer virtual seminars, and in-salon educating and consulting. To get more information on this topic, and many others, contact The Hair Society at

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