iGrow Laser Helmet“Buy it Les……Please Buy It!!”

I was innocently watching the show Hardcore Pawn (American Jewelry and Loan), on A&E. This is a show about a family run Pawn Shop where a bunch of silly characters come in and try to sell stuff. Some of it is really worth money to the owners and some of it is garbage. Don’t get me wrong…I am not fooled by the obvious set-ups where people demand money……or else. I know about reality television. But, what I was about to see caused some real chaos in my house.

Picture this….In walks a bald guy carrying what I KNOW to be an iGrow, Hands Free Laser Cap. The owner, Les Gold, and his assistant Bobby Shay greet him with looks of great trepidation and it is obvious that they never saw any type of laser cap before. The man might as well have been carrying a hanger covered in tin foil with antennae on it.

Les says, “What is that thing?” The bald man explains that it’s for growing hair, so Les asks Bobbie Shay to put it on to see if his hair grows (he’s bald too). Of course, we all know that this device is not for anyone with a totally bald head and that it requires several months of treatments to work on someone with thinning hair or partial hair loss.

Anyway, back at the counter, Bobby’s head turns a bright red from the laser light and Les tells him that he looks “like a Christmas Tree”. He asks the man what he wants for the cap and the answer is “$700!” Les, looks like he’s talking to a Martian and counter offers $50.00.

At this point I go berserk….I know what that cap can do and I know what it’s worth. Even though Les probably couldn’t get the full retail on the cap (even though it appeared brand new), he could have probably gotten a lot more than he offered. I am yelling at my television screen, “Go in the back…go check it out on your computer like you usually do when you don’t know what something is worth. Don’t let this guy leave.”

Much to my dismay and annoyance, Les lets the guy leave with the cap and no deal is made.

As the bald man walks out of the door, Bobbie Shay says, “If I wake up tomorrow morning with a full head of hair I’m gonna find that guy!”.

Truth be told he was not going to wake up with a full head of hair after wearing a laser cap for five minutes and because he was totally bald. But, he let a really good deal walk out the door.

Just in case Les Gold or his kids Ashley and Seth are reading this, check out the link below and you’ll discover what you missed out on!!