Taking good care of your hair helps to prevent damage, breakage and ultimately hair loss. There are ways that you can preserve your hair and keep it healthy. Diet, lifestyle, and medications all may contribute to hair loss. Follow these easy tips and you will see a difference and retain your hair.

Bad Hair DayWhen you take a shower is the temperature too hot? If so, you may be losing oil, damaging roots and causing hair to fall out. Use a lower temperature if possible.

Using hot styling tools damage the cuticle of the hair and affect the moisture balance. Limit your use of blow dryers and styling tools as much as possible and use cooler temperatures when possible.

Crash Dieting and losing weight at a rapid rate can also cause hair to fall out. Many anorexics lose their hair due to lack of protein and a well balanced, healthy diet.

When your hair is wet don’t brush, comb or dry it vigorously because this also causes breakage.

Do you wear a very tight ponytail? This can lead to Traction Alopecia. Losen it up and wear it down as much as possible.

Don’t use styling products that have long-lasting effects and tend to be sticky. They remove the moisture from your hair.

Birth Control can cause hormonal changes which affect hair growth and cause hair loss as do medications such as anti-anxiety and blood pressure lowering medications. These can cause hair loss.

If you have an itchy scalp don’t scratch it…use a product designed to moisturize your hair and rid it of dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Are you an avid sun worshipper and do you expose your hair to the sun on a regular basis? If you are, you are weakening your hair and causing damage which can also lead to hair loss.

Wash your hair every other day to retain its natural oils but don’t wait too long because greasy hair can damage the follicles and result in hair damage.

Use moderation in all things and protect what Nature gave you. If you have questions consult a hair loss specialist BEFORE any more damage is done.