Are digital payments hurting your salon? Since the beginning of the pandemic, the hair industry’s revenue has been challenged. Our interactions have changed, and we exchange goods and services electronically. Exchanging cash has become a rarity. No cash on hand could mean a lower tip for a salon professional. How can we encourage a plentiful tipping culture in a digital age? (Not to mention, how do we do so during times of inflation.)

You may have a couple of returning clients that insist on tipping with cash, but the majority have forgotten to run to the atm before their appointment. Lives are busier and Covid-safe practices of card payments are now routine. 

Here are five ways to boost salon tips

Tipping Percentage Selection

Salons need to ask themselves if their card systems are encouraging good tipping options. Many businesses take payments at the end of appointments. Once clients slide their cards, they are then asked to select a tip amount. The first thing we need to do is verify the calculated percentages are fair. Does your electronic payment screen offer 15%, 20%, and 25% tipping options? Would 18%, 20%, and 22% percentages be adequate without being too greedy?

Stare Down or Low-pressure Body Language?

Now during the payment exchange, are your team members creating a low-pressure environment for the client to place a selection?

It comes down to the basics of body movement and posture. When pulling up a client’s total amount due, are you displaying a closed-off stance, or are you approachable? Think about your placement of arms and use appropriate eye contact. Avoid crossing your arms and leaning postures that make your appearance less inviting and friendly. Too much eye contact can be threatening, so be conscious of your presence. When you’re aware of your body placement and gestures, you’ll set the attitude for client interactions.

Venmo or Cashapp?Cash App

VenmoCash App and Venmo are used more and more today. If your clients
prefer to use one of these money-sending apps, streamline the tip exchanging process. Perhaps, clients are still wary of tipping via apps. How can your salon make these phone apps familiar? Try posting app download instructions and stylists’ QR codes. Venmo and Cashapp can be installed and utilized in just a few easy steps. Your salon can highlight
the ease of use and present these apps as user-friendly. It may take some time, but you’d be surprised how one might be persuaded if you’re offering your support and favor of these time-saving phone apps.

Color Psychology

Purchase Color Psychology

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Studies have shown that our eyes assess and our brains respond. Seeing specific colors evoke specific psychological responses. Red and orange are colors that persuade action, impulsivity, and are energetic. Blue is known for being honest, budget-friendly, and calming. Green represents health, nature, and growth. Salons should choose colors in their workspace to target their audience. Colors can also customize payment screens and informative signs or postings. Clients will feel an emotional response to the colors within your salons, so be intentional with your color usage in your decor and informative displays.

Offer A Luxurious Experience

Luxurious Hair SalonThe consumer can witness luxury in a variety of ways.  For example, restaurant guests tipped more when given a gold receipt booklet over a plain black booklet. The same effect was displayed with a gold tablecloth versus a white tablecloth. The gold colored items brought forth a feeling of luxury, which encouraged a more generous tip. Research shows that tipping culture revolves around the feeling of flaunting one’s wealth. Some clients may be tipping amounts to encourage quality services in the future, but for both the “flaunters” and the “quality controllers” the idea of overselling your hospitality is the same.

If a client perceives they are being spoiled or given more than they are paying for, they are more likely to tip higher. Can your salon add any extras to their experience without breaking the bank? Cater to your clients senses to boost their experience. How can you satisfy your clients with the addition of taste and smell? Try offering a beverage, diffusing essential oils, or sending clients home with sample products to make your client feel especially cared for.

These methods of boosting salon tips can be implemented in the matter of minutes. So start assessing your typing culture and give them a try! We must be creative and conscientious of the ways we encourage clients to tip if we want to see these numbers grow.