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Imagine greeting your existing clients as they enter your Salon, inviting them into a relaxing space that allows them to rejuvenate, and renew their whole body and mind not just their hair. This space includes traditional hair salons, and hair restoration services, as well as restorative and exciting treatments that can be performed while they are already in your existing, but newly outfitted Salon Spa location.

Your clients will spend the next several hours experiencing a feeling of being pampered, cared for, and prepared to take on the rest of their world. Not only will they receive their planned hair appointment or program hair services, in addition, they will begin a spa journey that provides treatments designed to defy the signs of aging, top-of-the-line skin care, and the latest body-sculpting treatments without the need for invasive procedures or surgery. Treatments such as this can improve the health and appearance of many, if not most, of your existing clients, not to mention what it will do to your revenue stream.

Salon Med SpaNow, let’s imagine this a step further. It wouldn’t take much to make this Salon Spa experience a reality at your current location.

Ask yourself a few key questions.

• Does your salon have space that isn’t currently being utilized?

• Do your clients desire to maintain their hair and appearance in a manner that not only holds up to the test of time, but gives the impression of time standing still or reversing?

• Would offering these types of salon spa treatments, and experiences draw new clients to your existing business?

• Would advancing skincare and body-sculpting technology treatments, without the use of knives and needles be appealing to both your existing clients, as well as new clientele?

As a critical member of the beauty world, the hair industry needs to provide services and experiences that their clients both want and deserve. It can be a reality for your Salon to offer salon spa treatments that utilize machines equipped with handheld tools, that allow the client to control intensity levels, while providing them with a feeling of being at ease.

Skin Care. Young Woman Receiving Facial Beauty Treatment, Removing Pigmentation At Cosmetic Clinic. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy. IPL. Rejuvenation, Photo Facial Therapy. Anti-aging Procedures.How will upgrading your Salon benefit both your clients and your business, here are just a few of the benefits;

• Cater to clients with skin sensitivities
• Better utilize existing Salon space
• Offer high demand competitive treatments
• Improve the health and appearance of clients
• Boost revenue
• Partner with in-house industry experts
• Convenience and efficiency of diverse beauty services offered in a single location

Now, let’s bring this vision and amazing competitive advantage to your Salon.

Imagine the possibilities! Within a short period of time, your Salon could be offering these cutting-edge treatments and experiences to further grow and enhance your business. Spend a short amount of time speaking with one of our experts, who will walk you through the process for your specific Salon. There is no obligation, only knowledge and potential to be gained by scheduling a phone consultation today!

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