“Sugar and Spice and everything nice” versus “snips and snails and puppy dog tails”Female Emotional attachment to hair vs. the male perception of wearing a hair piece.

It’s not difficult to convince a woman to wear a wig rather than walk around with bald spots or thinning hair. We women rely on are physical appearance and often the saying that “our hair is our crowning glory” is an accurate depiction of how we view ourselves. Although men are more commonly the recipients of male pattern baldness and other loss issues, they are reluctant to wear a hairpiece. About 80% or more of all men refuse to put anything on their head and some even refuse to wear hats.

Here’s the problem with that absolute refusal to covering up baldness from a woman’s perspective; we, all of us, are visual and what we see makes that most important first impression. Some women don’t care if the guy they just met or are planning to meet is bald or in the process of losing his hair. Some of us can’t see past that first image and want to fulfill our dreams of meeting the guy with the perfect, full head of hair. It may seem shallow but it is fact. Although “what you see is what you get” is often not true and many men who look less than perfect are wonderful in every other way that first impression counts for a lot.

In days of yore hair pieces for men were awful and surely earned the derogatory term “Rug” or Toupee. They often didn’t fit properly or blew off in a strong wind or tilted to one side. It’s not difficult to understand why some men refused to walk around looking like they had a dead animal on their heads. Who could blame them?

Today things have changed. The wigs and hair pieces either made from human or synthetic hair look completely natural and experts who deal in hair replacement are trained to exact a perfect fit for each individual and their particular needs. No one has to look like they are wearing a rug and the materials used assure that these pieces are well fitted and secure. With the new bonding agents and inner caps available there is no excuse for any man to walk around fearing that a strong wind will blow away his “hair”.

Although nothing in life is perfect there are so many new innovations in wig making that the popular and old fashioned concept that a man with a wig is something to be ashamed or embarrassed about no longer exists.

man and woman cuddleAs a woman I am attracted to men who are confidant and pleasant looking. They don’t have to look like a movie star and certainly finding a Brad Pitt or John Hamm is not on my list of requirements. There are many things about a man that are attractive and give that perfect first impression. Although personality, kindness and a sense of humor will eventually save the day and seal the deal I probably won’t get that far if I find the man unattractive to begin with. Call me shallow but call me honest…

So guys, think about what I’ve written here and think about the fact that I represent the majority of women looking to meet the man of their dreams…we want to see someone appealing before we get to the next step and even though you may not like that about us, that’s the way it is in the real world.

Swallow your pride and at least go to a hair restoration professional in your area and take a look at what they have on offer. Ask questions about the various products and how they work. Give it a shot and swallow your pride for the sake of attracting that perfect lady that you are looking for. Why should you be handicapped when you have everything else going for you? Get past that important first impression and then let her see who you really are. Don’t be blocked by a shiny bald head that you inherited through no fault of your own. Be the best that you can be and put your ego aside. It will be worth it. If you don’t try than you could be missing great opportunities to be someone’s special someone or just feel better about yourself.

Yes, beauty is skin deep, but it shows up way before you open your heart and mind.