Hair Loss in the News by John Vincent

Former and New President Share Common Bond ConcerningHair Loss Solutions!

While most people were focused on security, Covid, and the politics of the new administration, your intrepid reporter was looking at the inauguration from another perspective…the top.

Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump

While Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech, my eyes were riveted on his wife’s intent observation. I cannot help thinking Jill Biden was looking down from the row above the new presidentdelivering a speech on worldwide TV, thinking, “Good lord, couldn’t they have put some spray on his hair! head” to tame the wispy, out-of-control sprigs of hair blowing in the wind!  Right!

And amongst this display of out-ofcontrol, senile hair, wewitnessed a milestone in a follicular history:

The first transfer of the US presidency from one man with hair transplants to another who also had a similar surgery.

This cover-up of these two men was explained in my book, Hair Loss Dossier, The Big Lie on the Causes, Cures, Treatments and Scams (on Amazon).

My source of this close-cropped secret of the commanders-in-chief came from a hair surgeon colleague who I reached out to when I previously was writing about former President Donald Trump’s unusual hairstyle.

After his election, there was much chatter about the extreme style of the President, and the doctor knew who the then-media star had gone to for hair transplantation years ago, but asked I not unmask him.

​​​​​As it was a talking point for his critics, I felt observations on my part (pardon the pun) were in orderto explain Trump’s rather elaborate hair disguise. So many loved to make fun of his hair. The cartoonist, Gary Trudeau, was brutal in his attack on President Trump’s idiosyncrasies (and hair) to the point hepublished a book on them.

However, the “combover” regimen that the President used is one implemented by many men whose hair on the sides is more plentiful than on the top.  The tendency is to borrow” from the perimeter and comb-itover the top. You can find a diagram of this all-to-common undertaking in my book.

(Right now, you are no doubt thinking: “Vincent is obsessed with hair”!  And you would be right!)

With 35 years’ experience in the field of hair loss and restorationprompted by a personal concern, I clearly look at the world from a different perspective. Initially from a personal need, and to embark on a career of learning the causes of hair loss and advising others.

This was not an altruistic endeavor, as I have had some financial success in speaking, writing and operating clinics for men and women to treat hair loss. To this day, I enjoy referring those who could benefit from a medical professional to my many colleagues I know will provide the best result. As a customer of most methodsand a patient of hair restoration surgery, myself, I have a personal interest in these referrals.

The bottom line from my experience is this. “I hold two truths to be self-evident” … that the remarks in my book are insightful.

Consider these two undeniable observations:

1. Men are impatient. When they decide it is time to “fix” their hair loss problem, they expect immediate results and little maintenance. They will look to find a contractor to rectify the problem, once and for all. To them it is much like hiring a plumber to repair a leaky faucet.

Consequently, there are many examples of men who made hasty decisions and were not satisfied with the outcome. Choosing the wrong hair surgeon, for example can be a major problem, as well as one that compromises the existing hair. Several stories in my book, explain what can, and has, happened.

For example, we have all been exposed to the unnaturalhairline of a U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer.  His hair begins tooabruptly at a point on the forehead where a recession of thinning hair would be expected. Tip: a typical hairline begins gradually after the last wrinkle in the forehead. The Senatorexhibits a thick crop of hair, several inches behind where it would be typically found in nature.

Worse, another mistake made by practicing surgeons in the 80’s, was to perform a surgical technique known as “strip grafting”.  A well-known screen actor I see from time to time is a victim of this procedure.

He has a conspicuous thick “patch” of hair on the forehead(again, not a gradual, receding hairline).  This crop was incised from an area of hair above and behind the ear, which was rotated and implanted across the forehead. Not only does the strip have no natural recession, but it also conspicuous as a patch of carpeting that is turned 90 degrees from its surroundings!

(This extreme technique may be called for in cases of unusual scalp injuries or the results of brain surgery but are rarely appropriate for the typical pattern-baldness patient.)

2. Women are more realistic and pragmatic in their efforts to deal with cosmetic changes. They learn early on that maintaining a healthy appearance takes time and maintenance to offset the advance of aging.

A trip to the cosmetic aisle in your local pharmacy illustrates this point. Yards-long aisles shelve beauty products, shampoos, hair styling products, color, etc.  The variety of hair care options in stores and online, testify to the greatexpense and time women will take to correct a perception of lost beauty.

Women will spend whatever it takes to maintain the look of full healthy hair. This expectation has spawned a multi-billion dollar worldwide beauty business that keeps salonsand products makers in a lucrative business.

For more about the good, bad, and the ugly, and for straightforward information about hair loss options, read or listen to my book on Amazon. One story reports the success of a hair loss treatment product company that ultimately sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, but, as the founder admitted, it was formulated with no research or approval for actual results!

Read more in my book or contact me for a referral to a hair authority in your area at:

Hair Loss Dossier: THE BIG LIE on Causes, Cures, Treatments and Scams

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